Office building Block 3

Bulevar AVNOJ, Block 3, New Belgrade
Ksenija Bulatović, Vesna Cagić Milošević

The Building is intended for office premises rent.
The longitudinal shape of a bar is only seemingly cut by entrance entireties.
A simple approach to designing has secured weightlessness of comparatively bulky form.
The glazing reflects the surrounding area as in a mirror, thus dematerialising the shape.
The green glazing represents an attempt to draw a machine of business operations toward ecological standards.
The execution includes combining of two types of materials, such as glass and metal (steel and aluminum).
The interior is done in the same, contemporary manner as the rest of the business building, where it is placed.
A lot of glass surfaces emphasized with inox and aluminium. Flooring areas covered with granite-ceramic panels.
Details are reduced to simple combinations of primary forms. Overall expression is minimalistic. Highly functional in interwining of common properties and spaces for rent.