Kalenic Market

Reconstruction Of Kalenic Market – Competition / Ransom
Bulatovic Ksenija, Pedja Milutinovic, Sladjana Meseldzija, Ana Kos, Branko Jovanovic

Concept is established on searching for balance between transparent forms and accentuated bench marks funcional and spatial incorporated in inherited urban grid. Market is seen not only as technological process and goods exchange, but also as covered square area, place for meeting and purchasing. Area, highly conditioned by programme, keeps its own habits, but also acquired qualities. The solution consists of two spatial areas, one partial built, covered with classical market technology, and another one, partial open bazar space consist of mix-used objects.
Transparency and covering is solved with light PVC fabric cover and steel, which playful form gives new character to this place.
Market can be treat as different activity. As a mixused space, it gets transforming properties.
Combine regulary composition, free form and evenly space, this place established old and gets new value of Kalenic market.