Symbiosis 9 – The Being

Ksenija Bulatović, Ksenija Bunjak, Saša Naumović, Nikola Maravić, Dara Fanka

After introducing the term and discussing about the Symbiotic architecture on previous conference “On Architecture”, authors decided to go further and discuss the symbiosis being.

Throughout the history most of the philosophies and critical thoughts evolved around the idea of the Being. The Being and its being stood for various phenomena and usually represent all that exists whether in the context of present reality or not. The first part of this paper provides the short historical overview of the philosophical being and its interpretation within the idea of Symbiotic architecture.

Symbiosis process is alive, constant in its existence, but transformable in its appearance. Symbiotic home has its own place in the world of living beings. The Symbiotic Being represents the civilization, but it is prepared for continuance in different present and future challenges. This new “home”, the Symbiotic Being belongs both to the spiritual and material reality, and it can not be addressed only from one point of view. Its energy makes its matter and form dynamic and changeable.

This paper considers the possibilities of implementing the changes within the current system and creating the system where Symbiotic Being can exist. Is this feasible? Is our society ready for such a transformation? We possess the accumulated knowledge and experience in our unconsciousness. But, are we as members of this society, in current tendencies and contexts, ready to consciously embrace this knowledge? Are we aware of our own possibilities, numerous ways of living and coexisting? Are we aware of our possible future development paths? Have we reached the stage where Symbiotic architecture and Symbiotic Being are inevitable next steps? It seams that after giving its maximum this world slowly starts to fade, leaving the space for new system and new structures that will produce new values. Or is this just an utopian vision?