Government of Republika Srpska


International Conceptual Design Competition For „Telekom Srpske“ Office Building In Banja Luka – First Award
Ksenija Bulatović, Igor Čubra, Vesna Cagić Milošević
Realised as Government of Republika Srpska office building

Position and outline of this building enabled the orthogonal articulation of the space which is supported by the surroundings, forming the access place shaped as a square, which is designed to be used as a public space and to keep the whole vegetation with a possibility to be additionally refined. When it comes to architectural shapes, the tendency was to create a gradation of spaces and shapes depending on the point of view. The building is created by combining two simple geometrical forms, so by watching it from a distance, the primary form is the multi-level building (16-level) and by approaching the square, the lower cube is more visually dominant (2-level). All this makes the entire composition in anthropometric sense more pleasant, considering its significant size. Gradation is formed by gradually leading users into the space: the street, the square, covered part of the square, the entrance. The materials used in facade structure are modern, so the facade has an aluminium element structure with glass that has a high SPF. The constructive concept of the building is a skeleton, with mushroom-like ceiling leaning on columns without capitals, circled with seismic reinforced concrete parts and cores.