Iconostasis In Trebinje

The Design For Iconostasis In The Temple Of The Holy Transfiguration In Trebinje
Ksenija Bulatović, Ivana Sasin, Igor Vujačić
The work on the iconostasis designe, commenced with the benediction of the Bishop of Zahumlje-Herzegovina and the Coast. The lodestar, both in the designe and in detail, was a wish for the iconostasis, as the point of contact and communication, to be more than a barrier between the altar and the people in the church.
The iconostasis is reduced to the basic icons in order to respond to the need of iconostasis low type. The way of icon placement was also guided by the idea of better communication between the altar and naos, so the proposed icon placement was such as to leave empty space on the lateral side to the plank. The icon would be directly connected to iconostasis by its upper and lower parts, while empty space would be left laterally.
From the conversation with Bishop, we realized that the best interior solution is for iconostasis to be from wood. As the final part of iconostasis contruction, wood gilding is envisaged.