Residential Block In Trebinje, Herzegovina

Authors: Ksenija Bulatović, Daniela Perović, Ksenija Bunjak

The facility is in the town of Trebinje. It is situated on the river bank, and thus it is oriented towards it. The building has got ground floor and four floors and it is divided into two functional zones – businesses and apartments. In the facade’s form and materialization the conspicuous elements are grouped in three zones – ground floor in glass, the first two floors in combination of glass and stone plates and the last two floors with wooden panels. The facility’s main facade is oriented towards the river and the dominant detail on it are terraces – of a closer type on the first two floors and more open on the last two. The facility’s roof has got a garden. Greenery from the roof, as well as the natural materials used – stone and wood, aim at fitting the facility in with its immediate surroundings while keeping a modern expression.