Architectural Competition ”Serbian Pavilion For Expo 2010”

Shanghai, China
Ana Kovencz – Vujić, Ksenija Bulatović, Andreja Mitrović, Miloš Živković, Daniela Perović

Longer facade will exhibit subtly the national identity of the pavilion and the most significant brand of Serbia: achievements of Nikola Tesla
Façade facing the road: digital screen with 4 fields: sports, culture, history, economy
Façade above the entrance: grey inscription on white glass of the names (in Cyrillic-Latin script) of our famous personalities
Conspicuousness, attractiveness of the pavilion: on an artificially verdant roof there is a continuously moving fluorescent ball which symbolizes a tennis ball, exchange of energy and movement, jumping of the ball
Clear OBJECTIVE of the exhibition: presentation of diverse offer of the present day Serbia as a partner in economic, cultural, sports exchange, and expression of the special spirit of Serbia in a contemporary way
ENTRANCE LEVEL (other levels: I. level in the shape of a slight ramp II. flat level, gallery, and roof)
Introduction to the pavilion: across a water channel, symbolizing the Danube and connection with the world
The main theme appears already in the waiting hall at the entrance to the pavilion:
MOTTO: “Belgrade, City River, entertainment and parks”