Belgrade Port Dock – Competition / Second Prize

Ksenija Bulatović, Ivana Parte, Vladimir Ribar, Vesna Cagić-Milošević

Disposition of vertical elements – the mast, but also the highest point of the landscape – the steeple of the Synod Church, forms with an emphasized horizontal the orthogonal articulation of this complete composition, which has roots exactly in a point of passing – The open gate as a paradigm of friendship and welcome. The sails symbolize port, nautical spirit, travelling passion, nostalgic European cruises, pureness of life, river… on the other side, they keep serenity, nature and structure discovery; they contrast with the disturbance of road networks, speed and cities, and together with the buildings actually form an intense environment which apart from its basic function shows an attitude that we have towards life quality and fabulous privilege of that life in a place like this.