Commercial / Residential complex Petrovac / Competition, first prize

Petrovac, Montenegro
Ksenija Bulatović, Vesna Cagić – Milošević, Snežana Ignjatović
The facilities use solar energy to meet part of the energy needs. Rooms are ventilated naturally. Glazed facade facing the sea is shaded using the Kevlar roller blinds, which provide the effect of the northern lights. The introduction of vertical vegetation on facades achieves more energy conservation in the apartments as well as a more pleasant atmosphere.
Good view for the dwellings was the main priority in the design. This was achieved through the position-orientation of buildings, location of stairs, layout of the rooms in the flat, contour lines. Space in the flats will be minimally treated; the goal is formation of the simple units that allow opportunities for further distribution based on the occupants’ needs and desires. The apartments have two-sided orientation, with living rooms always facing the sea.