Commercial Space Visegrad competition

Visegrad, BiH
Ksenija Bulatović, Vesna Cagić – Milošević, Slađana Meseldžija, Ksenija Burnjak, Daniela Perović

The new facility has a certain monumentality – as a parallel of the “Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic” bridge; although of modern concept and materialization, it seems like it has always belonged to the area. Visually, the bridge and our development seem as a unit. The facility is an addition of the bridge, which is evident from the views from the bridge.
The new office building fully fits the context of the city and merges with the environment. Glass surface of the upper segment of the building allows reflections of the sky, the surrounding greenery, and the bridge itself. The structural arrangement, shown in “lace” carrier and the division of the upper part of the building, simulate the waves on the Drina River, which does not allow the perfect image of the environment, but somehow an impression of reality. Main characteristic of our facility, as with the bridge is the repetition and rhythm of repeating elements. The stone wall of the building as well as the size and distribution of designed window apertures of our facility are a reflection of the surrounding existing architecture. This commercial property is also an allusion to a former “Karavan-seraj”, with current contents of the modern era located there.