„The Wine Village“, Šipčanik Complex In Podgorica


Competition For Programme And Architectural Design Of „The Wine Village“, Šipčanik Complex In Podgorica
Team Of Authors: Ksenija Bulatović, Ksenija Bunjak, Slađana Meseldžija, Daniela Perović, Igor Vujačić, Andreja Mitrović
Consultant: Branko Lompar

The location of Vinsko Selo is situated within the Šipčanik complex, East of Podgorica (Capital of Montenegro), toward Tuzi. The complex is tangential with the traffic line connecting Podgorica, Tuzi and the border crossing of Božaj. On the very top of the Šipčanik hill there is an archaeological site, the shape and position of which has served for the concept development. Concentric isohypses of the hill remind of fingerprint, however, the space’s identity is not single. The project’s main objective was to create a new space identity – a single fingerprint consisting of new isohypses – plateaus and traditional houses, modernly interpreted. In the place of the existing macadam road, there are ramps and stairs – the main pedestrian access to the complex facilities. In piazzettas and walls of the cascades, new greenery was introduced in a planned way, in order to make an impression of minimal intervention with the existing hill. The piazzettas are intended for gathering of larger number of people and they have summer terraces, a swimming pool, restaurants. Thus, the space has become a venue, attaching a new identity to the location. The facilities were envisaged as two types – facilities within »green« cascades and the solitary – a modern interpretation of traditional houses. The aim was to keep the space’s continuity and wholeness. The materials are natural and environment-friendly – wood, glass, vegetation.