Contest for the interior of the Holy Trinity church 2nd prize

Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Ksenija Bulatović
Vladimir Bata Kidisević, Srdjan Radojković, Jelena Čubra, Saša Naumović, Slobodan Rekalić, Ilarion Djurica

This is the example of creational theology of ambient in Holy Trinity church where we tried to materialize the spirituality, to breathe in the orthodox soul. Architecturally, the interior consist of space for the altar, the nave and the narthex.
The iconostasis is a partition that leads us into an inscrutable reality of Divine mystery. The transparent iconostasis is clear in its simplicity and is in accordance with the modest splendor of the frescos, icons and lighting.
Green, a liturgical color of a blooming desert, life and Spirit, is an intermediary between warm and cold, Higher and the lowest – it is calmingly refreshing, a humane color of life.
The Small and the large entrance are designed on the church floor. A Baptistery for children and adults will be in the narthex.
Considering the fact that this is a renovation of an old church, the concept of frescos should equally follow traditional canons of Orthodox Church as well as contemporary tendencies in iconography.