Movie Theater Fontana

New Belgrade, Serbia
Ksenija Bulatović, Vesna Cagić – Milošević, Saša Naumović, Slađana Meseldžija, Daniela Perović, Ksenija Burnjak

Previous architect was Uroš Martinović, he designed Commercial and cultural Center of New Belgrade in 1967 with a movie theater. Our team done the reconstruction and interior design.
The interior of the Cinema Fontana is made up of several purposes: broadcasting films, holding cultural presentations and meetings of the local community. The cinema has 150 seats. The cinema hall is supplied with equipment for classic and digital film broadcasting. The interior of the movie theater is made to dominate the shades of brown, which gives elegance and festivity of the hall. Special wooden acoustic linings are placed on the walls. The ceiling is painted in black and combined with plaster of cardboard and specific acoustic plates at different heights.
The main caracteristics are ortagonal strokes – in whole, but somewhere left uncompleted. The form approach associates to Modern architecture, to which this, now protected, building belongs. The central function of the building, the cinema, is visible in the accompanying facilities whose architectonal shape originates from the aestetic of a movie theater.
Materials: wooden panels, plaster, granith ceramics and diverse contemporary lighting

“Fontana” Cinema interior was designed to have several purposes: broadcast of films, cultural presentations and meetings of the local community. The seating capacity of the theater hall is 150 and is equipped for both classical and digital films broadcasting. The hall interior was done in shades of brown which contributes to the elegance and formality. In order to provide the best sound quality special wooden acoustic lining was mounted onto the walls and the ceiling was composed of gypsum cardboard and specific acoustic panels attached at different heights and then painted in black to minimize distractions.