Office Building Milutina Milankovića street

Ksenija Bulatović, Branko Jovanović, Marija Radumilo, Mila Pralica, Daniela Perović

The facility conceptually represents a modern office building. The position and the overall size form a dominating object in the municipal environment of New Belgrade.
The building form is made of a simple composition resulting from the play of masses positioned linearly. The masses melt in parallel into a powerful unit in which one recognizes, in spite of the massiveness of the individual unit, the manner of construction and impact of all separate elements that have participated in synthesizing the composition of the structure.
The façade cladding, on the other hand, with a rhythmic alteration of fullness and emptiness of the surface, mitigates the massiveness imposed by the form and the program, and makes it lighter. The structure does not loose its dominating position in the environment through this but, on the contrary, fits into the locality.