Palilula Green Market, Belgrade

Open Call For The Design Of Town-planning And Architectural Solution For Reconstruction Of Belgrade’s Palilula Green Market
Ksenija Bunjak, Božidar Nestorović, Ksenija Bulatović


The proposed architectural and town-planning solution provides spatial organization for a new Palilula green market, with enlarged contents in order to utilize this space in capacity of a square.

Given that squares are venues for gathering, and markets have always been the places of real life images of any nation, the project’s idea was to create an ambience that would become a new city’s stage. Scenes of quotidian life would be acted on it, with the space itself transformed into scenery adjusted to various situations.

The green market facility is placed along Major Ilić Street, so it makes a barrier toward the crowdest street in the location – Major Ilić Street, opening the market’s space to the representative green area of former Cardo Maximus and Constantinople Road. The ambience is defined both by the facility and by the levelled field and canopy starting from the market facility, covering part of the location and being dismantled upon request.

The square was envisaged as a city oasis. In the ground level there are stools. Depending on the regime of use, they are folded and sent to the underground level with an elevator. However, they can be transformed into both mobile panels, which creates a dynamic space intended for occasional exhibitions, perofrmances, etc, and benches (by arranging the folded stools on one the other).