Architectural Contest For City Centre Along The Radnička Street – Novi Sad

Ksenija Bulatović, Ksenija Bunjak, Božidar Nestorović, Nikola Aleksić, Daniela Perović, Slađana Meseldžija, Igor Vujačić


The proposed architectural and town-planning solution provides a spatial organization of new city centre with administrative facilities that form a new urban ambience along the Radnička Street.
The centre is formed by three buildings, with P+10 tower placed along the Radnička Street emphasizing its front, while the two P+4 buildings are loose inside the lot.
The facilities imitate natural morphology and create a communication space per se. Such a mobility is achieved by various geometries floor by floor.
The space as such tends to move, change, conditioned by forces that shape it, seeking a final expression.. But, at one point, it is captured in motion, frozen and creating the negative of the surrounding space. What was the main idea is to get a symbiosis of this determination of space and the invisible impulses shaping it.