Sport impuls – Interior

Delta CIty, Belgrade
Ksenija Bulatović, Tijana Bogdanović

The shop is located in the Delta City market center in Belgrade and is intended for sale of sports accessories.
The main concept is integration of all significant factors that have a great impact on a healthy and comfortable sports life. Besides sports various elements were introduced through interior decoration which depict various contemporary “street” styles of life. Light ceiling ellipses, as an important innovation in the interior, catwalk-like zone that introduces the customer into the space in an original way, as well as an unavoidable water wall which brings direct freshness by its sheer presence and position in space, all play an internal game with the customers.
The entire varied quality of used spatial elements of the interior design conveys the idea of game, sports, modern living and new ideas into the space. The eclectic cluster of various effects in space carries the message of open approach to life, freedom and personal character of each individual which also coincides with the policy of the shop itself, which is based on the sale of not just one, but all the existing contemporary sports brands.