Squares In Lazarevac


Squares And Pedestrian Streets In Lazarevac / Competition, Third Prize
Authors: Ana Kovencz – Vujić, Ksenija Bulatović, Andreja Mitrović, Miloš Živković, Daniela Perović

  • Creating of pleasant, sustainable and contemporary public space, consisting of segments of different recognizable character.
    Creating of clear pedestrian flows and segments intended for preserving and applying an ancient Roman principle that reads “CARDO I DECUMANUS.”
    Creating of a sustainable concept by means of greenery, water surfaces and springs, interesting way of paving and modern urban site furnishings.
    Emphasizing of the existing aesthetic values.


  • Main town square has been somewhat suited to the natural ground grade and it leads to the Church in a subtle way. The landscaped promenade will be provided from the River to the Church over such square.
    It will be private and minimalist, but quite attractive space for extended staying there. It is intended for seating, socializing, resting, contemplating, reading, meeting, minor performances, etc. In short, it is a living space of citizens under open sky.
  • Square next to the Municipal Building, being the empty space of a rectangle shape is grade separated and it is primarily intended for major gatherings, manifestations, concerts, exhibitions and so on.