Residental Complex


Trebinje, Herzegovina
Authors: Ksenija Bulatović, Tamara Vuković, Nikola Baković,
Jovana Jelisavac, Sofija Conić
Area: 24 000 m2

The residential complex “Gornji Grad”, which is the subject of the location, extends to the north of Steet Kralja Petra Prvog Oslobodioca. On the eastern side it borders with Nemanjina Street, and from the west and north side of Sokolska Street, a newly designed road connecting Vojvoda Stepa Stepanovic Street and Vuk Micunovic Street. The urban area is about 29,070m2.

Since the terrain has significantly declined from north to south, we have created such a morphological structure that enables good insolation, ventilation of the site, as well as beautiful visions inside and outside the block. The Green Fund is rich and preserved, we have kept everything that is good and added more plants that are characteristic of this area.

The location is situated near the center of Trebinje, we treated the front of the Zone I in a special way, with the idea to fit into the aesthetic standards of the center itself. Other zones have been treated with a lower degree of attractiveness in material processing, but do not louver in quality much compared to Zone I

In the ground floor of the facilities, are located businesses and shops, which is characteristic of the city center of Trebinje. The pedestrian zone is a continuous and is preserved from the very center of the old town, to the newly designed center.
The areas include the block of ​​the former barracks, which is now very little exploited and mostly devastated. Based on the Regulatory Plan “Northern Camp”, which was adopted in 2012, we have made our competitive solution, without changing the boundaries of a new buildings and the position of construction and regulation lines of facilities and roads. The quality of the urban areas of the contact zone we have raised to a higher level of quality of the newly designed urban structure, while we affirming the contemporary approach to the high-rise and functioning of urban spaces.
We provide optimal functional solutions of the planned program which content creating fine and pleasant ambient, that revive the development and historical continuity of the new commercial-administrative and residential center integrated into the old city of Trebinje.

The conceptual solution of the architectural design of all buildings is about that the impression of a unique visual entity is compatible with the environment, and it merges into the matrix of the city as if it were an organic part.