Symbiosis – Manifesto

 To authentic and primary spirituality of man, plant is a corporal phenomenon of creational  substance in  the  nature.  A  plant  maintains the  To authentic and primary spirituality of man, plant is a corporal phenomenon of creational  substance in  the  nature.  A  plant  maintains the secret of such substance, not hurting it. The secret lies in the  chastity of growth and  emergence, that is, living without  killing or  destroying anything alive. This is a secret of life itself. Such growth – pure growing and emerging without any admixtures of killing – is the physis…
Žarko Vidović
Catharsis – Chastity of Flora and Praise of Plants
Belgrade, 1990


Ksenija Bulatović, Saša Naumović, Ksenija Bunjak

Sandra Giulia Linnea Persiani, Aleksej Daniel Đermanović, Pawel Karczmarczyk, Bogdan Zlatić, Dara Fanka, Olga Bulatović, Katarina Petrović, Ivana Sasin, Slađana Meseldžija, Daniela Perović, Miloš Živković, Andreja Mitrović, Nikola Maravić, Jovana Jelisavac, Nikola Baković

Visions and conditions of life  “Enough of reading, action is required. Enough of watching others go, you should go yourself. If you are looking for inside life – tread inside.”
“The form of this world, passing.”

The process at hand can be most akin to a spiritualized science but primarily on the basis of a vision-inspired essay, not an exact spiritual principle.

Sensibility – SYMBIOSIS

Man consists of soul and matter as a God-given being. Against him, there emerges symbiotic architecture with the role of protecting it and making it better for their life and life in the community.

Existence of soul on Earth – man

Man = soul + matter

Soul is a perfect quintessence of life and love, governs the body and arranges the universe, gives colour, taste, smell and all sensor fascinations.

DNA is a matrix upon which material man comes to being.

Water is source of life. Water makes nearly 90 % of man’s body. Liquid is kept in human shape by force and energy, to protect the soul. The soul is enveloped in water as a membrane, protecting it from bad influences. That refers to radiation too.

In this case, Divine grace is represented as a material circumstance (water). With the grace, there is also a shield created and treated in symbiotic architecture.

Man follows cosmic impulses, mild, tender and composed, as a source of creative ideas. He should be enabled to do that in his tempts to live in the best quality possible.

We can name the survival of goodness, love, life and positive energy – an unqualified goodness.

Existence is a possibility to exist in this world, in this body, in realistic environment, in realistic situation and in a certain place. That is, trying hard in real time.

Emotion is a soul status (like aggregate states of water, states of the soul are in form of joy, sorrow, depression, fear…). Natural states of the soul – normal healthy states: love, mercy, faith, hope, creativity, bliss, joy, positive emotional experiences…

Intuition is a cognitive sensation through time and space. Intelligence based on emotions.

Intelligence is a reflection of man’s capability to encompass all influences relevant for mankind by his spiritual being and to transpose them into one word, one idea, one thought.

A whole range of information pieces coming from the universe wreak havoc in man’s life if he is not fully aware of them.

Intelligence immanent to any original being that is godly creature provides possibilities to survive and contribute to the society and civilization.

Our common intelligence-based actions chosen by means of positive selection will contribute to the society metamorphosis and nature renaissance. Only in concerted action with Nature do we stand a chance to love Nature and make it a paradise for Man. There should be no threats for Man’s happy and fulfilling live on Earth. Nature co-acts with Man if he is her friend and ally treating her with love.

Man has imposed on himself a whole range of commitments that hamper his intelligence development. Baffled with information and spatial situations, his defence mechanism is not developed enough to take all endeavours, so intelligence gets enervated and man turns into a machine run from case to case, from circumstance to circumstance, not having time to consider and draw lessons from given situations, he gets blunt and gradually loses the life race. As such, he is completely useless for society’s development and turns into another machines produced by this civilisation.

Getting space for development of man’s spirit, on condition that man wants to fight for his and other people’s lives, creates opportunity to develop intelligence and resistance to all external and internal influences. Man cherishes his own body, his life, and only thus can he help another man, being able to protect himself and setting example lead others to salvation.

Man’s ennobled properties. Man’s capability to create his attitude to other people and Nature with the help of love. The quality to strive for aims to improve life.

The mixture of music, visual arts, science, faith, etc. brings about a concerted action in order to discover the truth, and these means also make it possible to present the truth to the world and people. The way to solve problems is simple and linear – along the vertical.

The knowledge transposed through the universe can be called ancient cosmic wisdom. Universal and comprehensive. God – the centre of knowledge. The perpetual source of instructions for any possible situations. Being, i.e. man makes selection of solutions. Alternatives are available to us. The genuine choice is up to us, it determines self-creation – individuality. In union with God, we choose solutions that makes our being better.

On Earth the soul uses substance, the spirit acts in union with matter, which is not necessary in some other worlds that are somehow secretive for the man.

Language – vibration of tones recognised by our soul. Mixture of languages – the universal meaning. Vibrations are transcribed through being’s mindset.

Truth – vibrations – consciousness – emission into the world.

We get all information from the universe, the source is single. People also emit vibrations and that is a way of communication, vibrations influence on body motion and mimics. Recognition of vibrations transported at distance.

Harmony between the rational and irrational enables man to orientate in the cosmic system. The rational is related to the concrete, seen with own eyes and experienced with own senses. The irrational is anything else that could be felt by the sensibility of man’s soul. The information can also be rational and irrational as well communication between beings.

Love for uniqueness (originality) each being per se a recognisable and living individual. Originality as a desirable category – original being. The speed of thoughts – thought energy – thought practice – idea development – discovering…

Time as a notion does not exist in this constellation, there is the absolute and a dimension that substitutes the temporal dimension. The absolute coordinate, infinite, non-initial and non-final, a continuum.

Three dimensions – body

The fourth dimensions – soul

The fifth dimension – the absolute

Body + soul + the absolute = deification

“His force and power are such that heavens echo and the whole Earth is shaking with the strength of his voice. No one can prophesy what is in store for human being in future, born in a breathe, built from a decaying tissue, but still immortal, with awesome divine powers. No one can prophesy what magic things man will eventually do, and no one knows what his greatest deed will be, what the crown of his work will be. Can he then start the inexhaustible energy sources so that they do all their functions upon his commandments, and furthermore – can he make his way of governance so perfect that they come into action simply by the power of his will?  If he could do that, he would have an almost unlimited and supernatural power. At his behest, with a slightest effort produced by him, the old worlds would disappear and the new ones, at his conception, would come into being.”
Nikola Tesla

The Man – Plant modality


Оh, very bold and inventive plants

Unselfishly showing everything they find

Standing between us and the void like a most beautiful


Plants that devour the void and give us back the air

Finding ways between the extremes: between

The mineral where it is never dark, where

Sun never sets, where symmetry

Is steady, and our heart

Going to death and back, making time matter

Mixing day with night and begetting sweet fruits

Preparing love

Plant with its root above this world

Its herbal experience: pouring one world

Into another

Оh, plant, where are your angels akin to insects

And my blood bonding oxygen and time”

Praise of Herbs, Branko MIljkovic

Symbiosis is a brand new approach, where the connection of herbal and human moment brings us to conquer quite new areas of life: plant + man. A peaceful way of functioning. Plant functioning to preserve man, giving its principles of survival in nature.

“Godly creature“– Man

“Nature“– Plant

Man + Plant = Love.

Why does man pursue natural instructions to the benefit of improving his life? Because he is made of natural principles and he deciphers them in nature recognising them as close to him. He recognizes it as his natural habitat.

The important point is what the focus in man is, which energy prevails and what one can count with. Love particle as well as evil particle is in all beings. Man incessantly decides on how to treat his environment. Whether to destroy or to build it, whether to love or to hate it. Positive stimula are extremely favourable for man’s survival and advancement in terms of civilisation.

Negative energy – destruction of the society, of civilisation.

Positive energy – society’s evolution for better and survival of life.

Love is the basic means of functioning for these two natural groups, and, of course, this refers to other living species on Earth too. Man is the most intelligent being on this planet and as such holds most responsibility for the planet’s life. There is a possibility for him to destroy it and there is a possibility, with God’s help and grace, to make it an ideal place for life.

Man’s life – a range of physical activities and emotional states accompanying man while on Earth.

Alive – I am, I feel, I exist.

A living man is a spirit in a body. As a whole, he functions during a certain period of time, which can be a relative phenomenon too.

The basis for man and nature’s action is mutual dependence in time and space. Their ideal bond yields excellent results in the universe, if we say that micro is – macro. The puzzles that match and co-act into a whole ideal for existence.

Nature – man’s genuine friend and inexhaustible source of energy that will help him develop and survive. Together, man and nature are striving to an ancient relationship of love.

Energies and substances that man draws from nature are his aides in treating soundly life in general, as well as in treatment of other people.

A sound life does not imply only healthy food, but a healthy way of functioning in union with nature.

Ur-plants found ways to survive throughout centuries by multiplying and reducing themselves when necessary. Can man adjust his body to needs and to time?

Duration is the characteristic of quality. Man can have immanent duration of matter with duration of spirit, which is Divine Providence.

Love relationship between man and nature leads to mutual respect.

The objective of such relationship would be in active approach of the living toward the dead.

God-given life is the most precious valuable given to a man and to nature. Co-action provides an exceptional intensity of life as cosmic category – dynamis.

This intensity’s property is in annihilation of destructive elements in the environment. Forces of chaos and destruction are automatically annihilated by the intensity of life energy, the energy of survival and final victory.

Our common goal is foundation of a unit from the unity of essence, which will be strong enough to confront all the attacks of finality and evil.

The object’s purpose

“Organic life.”


Man is a physical being with needs. The needs are changeable, unlike senses that are constant. The needs change, as the circumstances in the environment change. Symbiotic form is easily adjustable to function, it transforms itself according to the user’s needs.

The perfect effect of truth in our environment is only desirable and constructive all levels to the cosmic micro – macro.

Existential stability is directly related to the truth.

Symbiosis of man and nature, intelligence and wisdom, with God’s grace, brings existential stability.

The sparks of love are all around us. It is the light that Tesla mentioned. Let us collect them, multiply them, unselfishly share and receive them to the mutual existential security for the purpose of duration in time without limits.

The importance of life reflects in inexhaustible quality of man’s existence in the environment he is placed in.

In any environment man is, he must have his identity and originality he got owing to Divine Providence.

With partial cognition of truth, the process matters, it is important that the process be progressive – to the ultimate truth. Unlike the retrograde – false that we are already familiar with, where man completely loses his originality and turns into a robot.

Openness of the symbiotic system means permanent communication and external – internal relations.

The invisible sense of being protected at all levels – both physical and spiritual.

We can enumerate some forms of functions typical of symbiotic architecture:

Body revitalisation – a room for body rehabilitation – material, an energy room that revitalises cells

Thinking – exchange of cosmic information in order to draw conclusions, problem solving – work

Spiritual elevation (ascension) – receiving signals from the universe. A highly elevated state, can be practiced collectively through church or individually. Cosmic energy gets down to the being and ennobles it, charging the soul with energy and knowledge, as man himself is God’s temple

Accommodation. Sleeping, not typical sleeping but much shorter and deeper. Rem phase, relaxation and a state of semi-sleep, wandering

Union – spiritual and intellectual property in all phases of being – gradation of meaning in the community, in the society. Social order – spiritual-intellectual beings

Socialising, communication – exchange of energy, information an intellectual interaction of souls. The soul journeys alone and does not need the body, it voyages through worlds

Cognitive museums – samples of material nature

Medial centres of educational character, where impressions are exchanged both in the community and on an individual basis

System (an organisational assembly of a certain character) is opened, unblocked, creating an open system of truth where positive energy and meaning make foundation. The main goal is to improve the system with knowledge and ideas

Building – system, units, assembly, city, association, conglomerate.

Life in units reflects people’s motion in objects themselves.

Boards and surfaces attract people’s steps and they move on curving surfaces. The walls and floors are single, no difference, everything turns into a communication surface. The typical trait is local gravity within the object. The surfaces attract man’s body.

The function and way of life have changed significantly vis-à-vis today (like a spaceship).

A symbiotic facility

Symbiotics – union of spirit and matter. Spirit – being – man, matter – architecture.

Symbiosis of material and non-material.

Symbiotic architecture can provide man with an environment that could make him better.

Symbiotic architecture finds its sources in primary beings and cells. It is necessary to conduct analysis of these examples to get guidelines for further development of form and materialisation.

How to make a space suitable for man, that is, for his soul? Taking as a yardstick man’s body and the broadness of his soul. That is the universe.

Man occupies space, envelopes it with energy – those are the walls.

The facility breathes as the people who stay there breathe. It reminds of a being designated to protect man.

The interior alteration of purpose is made possible by a specific union of automatics and organic tissue, providing form changes as required.

Conformism and the beauty of living are typical of such architecture. Everything is subordinated to comfort and functionality. The warmth and ambientalism of the interior space is made possible by free organic forms.

God – the Sun – light… Helios.

The space should have enough light.

The goal of symbiotic architecture: to mitigate all kinds of radiation. Radiation: cosmic and earthly – real.

The growth of cells depends on population production, favourable habitat conditions and diversity of the venue. Universal venues are important for man’s experiences related to different forms of cognition. Cognition is spiritual and Gnostic, and depending on that the facility moves toward the set goal and poses itself in the given position.

The voyage through time enables it to be omnipresent. The form of presence and direct relation with reality are bound to the programme of intellectual and research reality. Presence in all points of time and space make interventions in the system possible. The aesthetics of functioning depends only on moving and thinking beings followed by the sense of existence in the environment, in the whole, in one cosmic spectrum. Since we can say that the soul is indestructible and by the very fact, the body can be renewed and follow the soul of necessary – architecture protects it and enables the being to function freely in the universe in all possible and desired aspects. Fiction – lie does not give a realistic picture of situation, but only assumptions.

Existence consists of being in truth. There are some regularities of coming to the truth, all with God’s help. Clinging to these fundamental postulates and purification of the being at all its levels enable it to consider the reality in images that truly exist, not in bogus renditions.

The regularities that exist are those of the universe, universal motion and existence. If going beyond these regularities, one ends up in conflict with the truth and “reality” and there occurs a problem, especially with larger populations, which causes chaos and hostilities.

Our architecture is protection from such circumstances. Being changeable, fluid and transparent, it is not registered by known detection devices. In particular, the ability of transposition through time and space enables it to quickly appear and disappear in given instances and places.

And all is related to matters that architecture is made of.

Simple regularities valid in our environment enable a pure way of functioning in the domain of affecting reality as it is indeed, in its original form.

The universe is a destination to strive at. The inexhaustible parts of the omni-environment we belong to, made for our existence.

It leaves the possibility of non-defined multi-functionality, referring to the spectrum of action, production and creation originating from man, with Divine Providence.

Man is God’s deed and by that very fact he is summoned to divinisation and as such he has got creative capabilities.

The diversity of ways to function gives the purpose of existence with the goal of General God-man relation.

Co-action of this “originally” created constellation provides better circumstances in expansion of the environment.

A symbiotic facility can exist alone in space, and it can be joined by other units – thus making groups (clusters). Possible groups are those by vertical axis around the common kernel, or by horizontal axis.

Symbiotic groups can exist on hard ground or in air space. Different sizes of these objects depend on the internal space’s purpose. Besides changing their form, symbiotic objects can voyage through time and space.

The question of life and death, long time ago solved to the benefit of life – a question of practice.

The secret of life preserved and surviving throughout centuries of temptation.

Man’s approximation to the essence enabled him to function through time and given circumstances.

A new way of life – new rules, new architecture.

A new man, purified man, functions by the rules set in ancient times – from the spectrum of good.

Man’s sensibility whetted to the limits of recognising the reality and environment.

Love – the system basis

The system – unique, original, determines the functioning of all cosmic laws.

Overcoming unnatural states (disease, fear), man frees himself from bad influences and provides himself with a much better quality of life full of joy and love, which means that he is ready for a new type of experience, experience in a good-quality living.

Social life implies mutual quality interaction.

Observing the truth through the lens of time.

The impression collected by man throughout the temptation time can be successfully implanted into his present system of values.

Perfect social system depends on quality of individual, i.e.  the system’s inhabitant.

Like the individual (unit, sample), like the society.

Salvage of the individual salvages the society too.

A quality society contributes to creative cosmic relation and good relationship with God.

Life – water, river, sea

– light, the Sun

Man’s attitude to himself.

Man’s attitude to another man.

Man’s attitude to God.


Energy walls – positive energy makes a field… Concentration, i.e. field of positive energy repels negative influences on man. That energy field can be installed in most physical spaces.

The symbiotic facility membrane consists of 90% liquid between two walls. In the liquid there are certain chemical substances that react under the environmental influences and form climate in the space. The liquid also contains necessary metals that will react to certain conditions and environment too.

Membranes with liquid and particles of certain substances, metals and chemical compounds that prevent bad conditions to penetrate into the unit. All that is carried through the membrane fluid…

In the wall structure there are pores through which the facility breaths and permeates light in favourable conditions.

Elastic, of organic origin, the walls provide easy changeability of form and adjustment to needs. The wall consists of energy field and materials that will protect man from external influences.

The mutual connections among cell parts (unity), membrane, protection…

The self-sustainable principle of existence independent from its environment.

Renewal, i.e. reconstruction is favourable under all conditions because the facility consists of elementary units making the whole functional.

Let us presume that this vision is correct and that symbiotic architecture already exists, but invisible to people, because it has the properties of moving through the absolute within relative coordinates.

Renewal of atoms, because they are indestructible, changing only the form when compounding.

Substance like stone, mineral… can last very long through time in its configuration. Why shouldn’t man, with God’s help, find regularities for his own life too, himself being also made of substances?

Can man’s substance last longer and does man’s spirit determine expiry date for substance, i.e. for body?