Symbiosis 1 – Personal Ark

Aleksej Daniel Djermanović
A symbiotic assembly of diverse elements and man in space compose architecture.

Symbiotic architecture as coalescing of natural and architectural surroundings for the purpose of creating new forms of life, symbiotic surroundings, fantastic orchestration, symphony, elements and being, sophisticatedly arranged composition of spirit and matter with the ultimate domain of Symbiosis.

Speaking of space, can we confine ourselves to physical space only, as a matter of fact, wouldn’t that be absurd ?

Soul as man’s internal eye has got unlimited perceptive, cognitive proclivities.

Being created “after the face and shape” we reflect the created world both from inside and from the outside, which substantially brings us to separation of the notions of space and there we speak of multi-space. Such internal and external architecture poses much more difficult requirements in front of us, namely we don’t discuss and plan only material, constructive elements, progressively aspiring to a material resort, but we come to face the greatest problem that human soul poses before us, and that is how to live?

We can now drone on safety of habitat, symbiosis of herbal and animal world, energy, energy reserves, constructive elements, all the way to macro-world, moulds, spores, microbes… all that makes a coalescent environment, shapes the way of living, cherishes us, protects us… but I am forced to return to the beginning of my thoughts, to the lode-star.

Soul, soul is greatest of all worlds

Haven’t we all sometimes experienced our body as an architectural whole, observing from a box that has its own “design”, its form, sets and elements that make those sets to the very units, and soul and spirit transcend the body and make us feel encapsulated.

The main goal of our discussion would be precisely that, not to see architecture as a box, like in this phenomenological moment of observing own body, but to make it part of ourselves, and with that to adjust it not only to the body, but primarily to the soul, to the spirit.

Our body is practically water, not embarking on biological analysis of how much dry matter, etc. To us it is much more important to recognize that body is an assembly of water and energy guided by the soul, because it guides the mind, then following natural principles when we want to create something akin to an already existing thing, because we see it as good, like creating a boat and then a plane upon seeing a bird, so seeing the perfection of our body, we create architecture which, imitating our body, creates an almost perfect home.

Our home, by this act, becomes a “Personal Arksui generis, where the soul rushes toward its ultimate resort, God

Soul’s perception is above reality, it observes other worlds as well as timelessness. Everything material that exists finds its finiteness in temporality. We define symbiotic architecture as an architecture of imitation, imitation of ourselves as a microcosm and thus imitation of the Universe.

Emotional reactions condition symbiotic house, imitations are perceived through feelings.

Emotional reactions shape the water aura.
Reality consists of emotional replies.
We change the world by changing ourselves.
Changing ourselves we change architecture.
Control of reality is SYMBIOSIS.
Personal Ark is a way out.

Soul is worth more than all the worlds.


 Ivana Sasin 2010

The most pressing need of today’s man, of modern person (and one could say that is the need of man in general), is the need of a way of living where one can have at least sometimes and at least a little – PEACE!

Throughout history, the matter has been solved many a time, but the contemporary man is so stranded today that he is not able to recognize that. Satisfaction of both soul’s and body’s needs, that is the inspiration and subject of the Symbiosis project.

Nowadays we witness a reality where man is under a huge pressure, only to win the match against life, to meet all the requirements imposed on him. Man seems not to be able to walk down the life, but to have to run in order to survive.

The Symbiosis project occurs precisely as a response to such life.

This response confirms man’s need of a way of life which will let him take the position leading him oriented to a progressive way of living where one makes progress, gets improved, where one gains reinforcing experience, struggling for genuine life that builds one and assures one firmly enough from inside that strikes from the outside cannot do any harm!

Recourse, harbour and dock, these are the first associations one thinks of reading Symbiosis. This project is a vision of solving the greatest problem, how to live, how to survive and be a man, how to fight and beat what today seems an invincible or unsolvable problem.

What makes a significant quality of this project is the fact that it deals with a general problem, a problem that affects every man more or less.

Our symbiotic facility could be named – a house for the soul.

It is not just an ordinary house, the priority here is a recourse of the interior!

The walls are envisaged as membranes filled with water, with a function of not only shaping the space but in a way of protecting man’s soul too, being a sort of man’s shield.

The house’s basic function – this is the soul’s shelter.

The house for the soul is also particular by being conceived as adjustable to conditions where it finds itself and also to those where it might end up. The shape of this house is envisaged as changeable and flexible, it is a living structure in a way, changes when necessary. The internal space has got the same quality, it is also envisaged to be adjustable, the walls, floors and ceilings with tendency of moving.

What it reminds us most of by its appearance and its changes is a fluid floating in the universe, always adjusted to provide the best living conditions!

Symbiosis – if we tried to understand it with the full potential of broadness it bears, we would notice that it has got more symbioses inside. But the chief one is the Symbiosis it relies on as the primary one, as the one that is the source and substance of the whole idea – Symbiosis of God and Man!

Certainly aware of the importance of the described need for recourse, aware of the reasons for powerful response with the main stress on protecting man’s soul, because so many years it has precisely been her that we have neglected in our lives, the solution to the whole thing seems to have existed for a long time. We can discern it here – the Heavenly Kingdom is inside of you!