The Capital Plaza

Podgorica, Montenegro

Dott. arch. Mladen Krekić, arh. Ksenija Bulatović dipl. ing, ms Slavica Stamatović dipl. ing. arh., Dott. arch. Alessandro Onnis, Dott. arch. Massimo Guaglione, arh. Ivan Stefanović dipl. ing., arh. Goran Andrejin dipl. ing., arh. Ana Kos dipl. ing., arh U. Radovanić dipl. ing.
BUSINESSART / project leader/
The basic idea is a contemporary multifunctional building. With its monumental look, this building becomes a symbol of the city. The architectural form are consist of a simple linear elements and central amorphous part that carry whole building. Transparent materials of glass and playful side elements together joined in zoning and programs, have office spaces and exclusive apartments on levels, while ground area is commercial. Garage is under the ground, with necessary technical equipment. Inside open space area is a nice ambient place, where some of the urban elements has different way of use. Concept of the project gets the idea of contemporary joined way of living and business, which exists together in the same place.
The Capital Plaza
The project developed as a mixed-use project which will comprise of retail and residential space in order to capitalize on the synergies of all those developments and to generate additional traffic to the area.
According to the preliminary plans, The Capital Plaza include 12 992 m2 of 90 business apartments (apartments will range in size from 80 to 340 m2), 14 678 m2 office space, 12 625 m2 of retail space and 14 352 m2 will be reserved for the hotel.
Total area is 84 600 m2. The developer plans to include a three level garage space, which will be placed in an area of 28 995
m2, and which will certainly differentiate the project by addressing the issue of residents’ parking.
Dominant vertical core at the interception of powerful city transversals, and the visual of business-administrative object across the road. The attractive stretching of strong vertical core from ground floor to underground floor whose content becomes transparent is visible.
The floor height of the object levels in the complex is minimally 3,8 terraces for pedestrians at PC1-8 tower and on PC3-10 floors with terraces for panoramic city and other very important objects sightseeing (The University, Ministry Premises, The Government, Future Palace of Justice, Monument of Sv. Petra Cetinjskog, Temple of Christ).

Extra luxury business apartments, facing the city and the internal square.
Special kind of dynamic activities in the ground floor that carries commercial contents in the internal part of the block is accompanied by attractive arrangement of internal Pedestrian Square.

The three elliptical forms which are treated in various ways define the transparency of the floor and connection with the basement which is the extension of ground floor contents. One of the elliptical forms has mildly curved canopy – atrium
which is the main point of vertical communication toward basement, the second one is an interesting structure with the fountain and the third one is mini botanical garden which stretches through both levels, thus forming micro-climatic characteristics of internal square.

Business apartments
Business apartments are furnished according to the highest standards. Reception service is planned around the
clock and it will be at disposal to the users of business apartments. Apartments are directly connected with the garage and
each apartment has minimum one parking lot.

Business area
In functional sense it is treated as open space in core construction system, which, by means of simple partition, can change
its organization depending on the need.