The Normala Cafe, Trebinje

Ksenija Bulatović, Igor Vujačić, Daniela Perović


The interior of »Normala« cafe in Trebinje was conceived as an urban and single space, intended for urban people’s leisure time. It is open to the exterior through large glass openings and the garden, leading passers-by inside.

Pure lines stressing elegance and simplicity are prevalent, as normal for a modern person. Sitting in the cafe is organized in several ways – at the bar and at the tables (both in the cafe and in the garden).

The materials used – wood and stone, feed the interior with warmth and serve to further stress its simplicity. Inside the cafe, the brown colour of wood, the white of stone and chairs are recognizable, as well as greenery. Introducing greenery into the interior connected the cafe to the surrounding space, making the stay in it more comfortable.