About Cubex

Ksenija Bulatović, founder of Studio CUBEX, works on many important national and international architectural projects. She gives multidimensional ideas through concrete projects which lead to the realization and experimental projects that serve as initial visionary thinking.

Ksenija Bulatović participated with her team of experts at many architectural and urban design competitions, winning many awards and realizations.

Challenging on various projects of importance, she formed her identity in architectural and urban planning.

In all projects of various functional topics, she pulled through the idea and thought of the first class, which links all the projects into a unique author’s design, working in a community with all the participants of the author’s team.

The team of CUBEX experts, starting from the perception of various problems at the site and analyzing it through many aspects, come to successful and recognized architectural and urban solutions that in most cases end with realization. This author’s team are characterized by pure and bright thoughts that lead to architectural ideas from its beginning to the end. The various topics studied by Studio CUBEX tell us about the research and experimental spirit of these architects, which can be seen through many different projects and realizations.

Different architectural structures in context and out of context, scaled from micro to macro form, carry the unique idea of making the man better and more empathic for his environment. With its name, Studio CUBEX tells us that this is a cubic structure of the urban environment in which a person exists. Since man consists of soul and body, it is necessary to free the soul from the burden of the cubic matrix of modern urbanism. The soul must be recognized as authentic and positive for its environment. This requires a significant advance in architecture in the stimulation of human senses and habits, which will produce a better and happier way of life in a particular architectural space.

Cooperation on the activities of Studio CUBEX is varied, many architects, as well as colleagues from other professions, have influenced the development and quality of the reached solutions. We will only name some: Ksenija Bulatović, Saša Naumović, Jelena Čubra, Ksenija Bunjak, Vesna Cagić Milošević, Dara Fanka, Sladjana Meseldžija, Daniela Perović, Tijana Bogdanović, Ivan Stefanović, Ana Kovenz Vujić, Mladen Krekić, Goran Andrein, Miloš Živković, Andreja Mitrović, Tijana Lapčević, Maja Milenković, Vladimir Ribar, Nikola Baković, Jovana Jelisavac, Tamara Vuković, Jelena Škerović, Igor Čubra, Branko Lompar, Aleksej Djermanović, Bane Jakovljević, Nikola Djurović, Miloš Janković…