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  • Symbiosis 2 – The Principles of Modernism

    Symbiosis 2 – The Principles of Modernism

    Ksenija Bulatović, Ksenija Bunjak, Saša Naumović Terms such as sustainable architecture, ecological architecture, green architecture, bioclimatic architecture etc. marked last decades of 20th century and became the core of contemporary architecture discourse. Their main purpose is to point out the necessity for designing according to the nature and to analyze relations between built and natural […]

  • Symbiosis  1 – Personal Ark

    Symbiosis 1 – Personal Ark

    Aleksej Daniel Djermanović 2010 A symbiotic assembly of diverse elements and man in space compose architecture. Symbiotic architecture as coalescing of natural and architectural surroundings for the purpose of creating new forms of life, symbiotic surroundings, fantastic orchestration, symphony, elements and being, sophisticatedly arranged composition of spirit and matter with the ultimate domain of Symbiosis. […]